PC – Resident Evil 4 Remake – 100% Save Game

resident evil 4 remake save file





For detailed guide on how to access the save location: CLICK HERE

Additional information: Follow the instructions included with the save

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  1. Pedri

    Finally thank you

  2. caleb

    does this save fully work

  3. jvs

    Sorry guys! Were should I put the ID?

  4. jvs

    How to use this savegame and the different steam ID? Thanks!

  5. Kyyyy

    friends can you make a video, maybe it will be very helpful, thank you.

  6. KYEV

    how did you do

  7. pera

    Muchas gracias funciona perfecto . hay que cambiarla en 2 sitios en la instalacion del juego y en C User Acceso publico, documentos publicos EMPRESS 2050650 Remote Settings user_steam_id.txt

  8. Jo

    Thank youuu

  9. krs

    do you have chapter 7 save file?

  10. biral

    can u post a save file where it has 1 save from every chapter in different slots? My save file got corrupted in chapter 15 and I wanna finish this game.

  11. Char

    como seria eso?

  12. Mr-M

    Is there a CHAPTER 13 save game? I need it very badly.

  13. Tommaso

    chapter 6 or 5 savegame? pls i need it


    My ch7 story was affected.

  15. Chamba

    This works

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