PC – Resident Evil 4 – 100% Save Game

resident evil 4 save file


  • Story: Completed on all Difficulties (Including Professional Mode)
  • Weapons: All Unlocked Including the Laser Gun P.R.L. 412
  • Costumes, Characters & Mini-Games: All Unlocked




  1. Before you can actually extract the file, you need to know how to view hidden files and folder in Windows (Visit this Link “From the Official Microsoft Windows Support”)
  2. Now for installation, Extract the “SaveData.dat” file to Resident Evil 4 / Biohazard 4 Game Directory

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  1. Unknown

    I HAVE STEAM VERSION can u help me?

  2. MAmineOuali

    Hello there,
    The Steam Version save is located:

    C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdatasteam_id254700remote

    Your should try to add the Save Game file there and Don't forget to Backup your own Save Game file.

  3. Jameel

    The real save game is a .sav file, not a .dat file, so it doesn't matter what you do – this won't work. It's a save file for the pirated game.

  4. MAmineOuali

    It supports the old version of the game, the version before the steam release, it's not tested with the steam version. We will consider your request and add the steam version of the save in the near future.
    Thank you

  5. AmateurGuy28

    I play the game in a PS2 Emulator on Pc will it work?

  6. MAmineOuali

    Sorry but Supports PC Version Only.

  7. Sandi Jr.

    Can This Version 1.10 Resident Evil 4 (EUR) ???

  8. MAmineOuali

    Probably Yes.

  9. Anonymous

    how to do in windows xp tell me please ?

  10. MAmineOuali

    Follow the steps above or try C:Usersuser_nameAppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesCapcomResident Evil 4

  11. Anonymous

    thanks but i paste this game data in re4 directory ….working awesome

  12. MAmineOuali


  13. Unknown

    Where to find the save file folder

  14. MAmineOuali

    The save file is in the game folder.

  15. Unknown

    how to do in windows 10 tell me please ?

  16. MAmineOuali

    It's the same as the other Windows OS.

  17. Unknown

    ok thank you..

  18. Unknown

    please make this working in steam version

  19. Unknown

    I expect you

  20. Anonymous

    can't find any 'save folder' in my game directory. the version of my game is the one that supports mouse aiming. (I don't know what exact version it is)

  21. MAmineOuali

    Normally there is no save folder for your version and the save file is located in the game folder but its hidden so depending on your Windows OS (Version). You will have to search for hidden files to find to file and replace it.
    But anyway may I know your windows version?

  22. Unknown

    I m playing resident evil 4 ultimate hd edition pc by xlaser I want save data pls

  23. MAmineOuali

    Hello, Sorry but this save game doesn't support The Ultimate HD Version.

  24. LadyDarkSky

    does it support the emu of the game? i dont have a save folder anywhere woops i made one, windows 10 edge is not joke lol

  25. MAmineOuali

    Hello, Did it work?

  26. Unknown


  27. Unknown

    hii can u plz send unlimated weapons savedata.dat file to my gmail plz plz plz my mail id is [email protected]

  28. Unknown

    You great! Ultimate save cool

  29. Unknown

    Don't show my old save data.

  30. Unknown

    This save data not working in pc

  31. egyesblog

    Hi it seems that separate ways is not done, there is no chicago typewriter. thanks for the uplpoad though.

  32. XxX

    how to extract file dat?

  33. Unknown


  34. Unknown

    Ill just assuem you never got around to fixing this

  35. MAmineOuali

    Hello, here's the save file (Supports the .sav) for the Steam version and a complete guide on how to install it ==> https://www.yoursavegames.com/2020/05/re4-ultimate-hd-save-file.html

  36. Unknown

    i cant download it contain soo many ads

  37. Unknown

    Cant download it,i just get in an ad hole

  38. Unknown


  39. Unknown


  40. Abdelhak Ziani

    Thanks It is Working Thanks Very much

  41. Mr Khan

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  42. Anus Worker

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  43. Darla

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  46. AndrewDic

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  47. Josephdog

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  50. Renzler

    cant find my savefile in resident evil 4 by xlaser do you have other suggestion for another installer?

  51. Renzler

    do you have other suggestion for another installer?

  52. MaglockthewKig

    Works, thanks

  53. Lucas


  54. Dewayne

    thank you

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