PC – Assassin’s Creed Unity – 100% Save Game

ac unity save file


  • Story (Main Mission): Completed
  • Side Quests: All Completed
  • Outfits: All Unlocked
  • Weapons: All Unlocked
  • Skills: All Acquired
  • Artifacts: All Found
  • Map: Fully Explored




Extract the save files to AC Unity save location:


Use the AC Save Tool to convert to different versions RIGHT HERE (GitHub Link)


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  1. Unknown

    Uplay version?

  2. MinecraftFrankFreazzk

    Uplay version?

  3. MAmineOuali

    Sorry not available.

  4. MinecraftFrankFreazzk


  5. shitty save

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  6. shitty save

    there is no orbit folder for me

  7. Unknown

    Ali213 version?

  8. MAmineOuali

    Hello this youtube video can help you: https://youtu.be/hVqzsL_fIuE

  9. Unknown

    This is not a RLD save -_-

  10. Unknown

    3dm version plz

  11. Unknown

    SkiDrow version?

  12. MAmineOuali

    3DM Save Folder are usually found in the Game Directory.
    Please take a look and report back.

  13. MAmineOuali

    Try this: %ProgramData%Orbit720RLD! ==> Just (COPY/PASTE)

  14. MAmineOuali

    If you're using the Original Uplay Version, your save is located in:


    But it's not going to work because we tried it our selves and to be honest Uplay saves are very hard to get them to work if not impossible especially new games.

  15. MAmineOuali

    Hello there, try launching the game and create a new save slot then play a bit until the first checkpoint and the "orbit" folder will appear.

  16. Unknown

    3dm version plz

  17. Unknown

    ALI213 version plz

  18. MAmineOuali

    Done! Links Updated (ALI213 has been added).

  19. Unknown

    wait so is ther e a uplay version? I don't have the orbit so ye

  20. WalkerGod2411

    Excuse me! Can i ask that save file can work on dead king dlc but it got error is mortor bombs like 0/0. Pls fix the save file. Thank you.

  21. WalkerGod2411

    Why's your ali213 save file wasn't 100% ?

  22. Unknown

    i have 3dm version. can you pls upload 3dm version save game or can we use RLD or ALi213 savegame file?

  23. heheheh

    ali213 says its corrupted

  24. Unknown

    guys i downloaded el amigos version from skidrow but i cannot find a save game location can you please help me

  25. Slainyer

    I have a save file name 1.sav 2 .sav do you have a version of this save game???? if you have pls tell me

  26. MAmineOuali

    Try the Reloaded! Version.

  27. Unknown

    save not loading plz help

  28. Unknown

    Uplay works if you use the ACSaveTool to convert the game key.

  29. Unknown

    Its hard to get a uplay save game file though because no one know about the ACSaveTool find it at the link below


  30. Unknown

    Heres a youtube video with how it works


  31. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. Unknown

    not work for me……

  33. Cyrax

    If anyone wants 3DMGame save contact me through email [email protected] sequence 7 completed ..100% Viewpoints…

  34. Unknown

    Yes i want

  35. Unknown

    Can anyone give me RLD! AC Unity sequence 3 memory 1 save file??

  36. Unknown

    Because my game is not saving after sequence 2. So I need to past that using a save file. 🙁

  37. Unknown

    Skidrow version plz

  38. Unknown

    I want

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