PC – Call of Duty: World at War – 100% Save Game

cod world at war save game


  • Platform: PC
  • Game Franchise: Call of Duty
  • Status: 100% Completion (Everything Completed and Unlocked)
  • Missions (Campaign): All Completed on Veteran Difficulty
  • Death Cards: All Collected (13/13)




Extract the “profiles” folder to COD World at War save game location:

  • Windows: %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW
  • Linux: Steam-Folder/steamapps/compatdata/10090/pfx


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  1. Unknown

    now my cod isnt starting the heck did that file contain?

  2. Unknown

    try signing out and back in that worked for me

  3. MAmineOuali

    Exactly that's the solution.

  4. MAmineOuali

    Signing out and Back in will fix your problem just as proposed by "FreezyLive FTW" .
    Good Luck

  5. Unknown

    its not showing up =(

  6. MAmineOuali

    just let me know what's exactly not showing up?

  7. Anonymous

    are all levels unlocked in multiplayer???

  8. MAmineOuali

    Sorry, The Save Game is for the Singleplayer.

  9. LankHoar

    Whenever I start the game I only get the option to start a new game, not select a mission or resume. This is even though YSG shows as being the selected player in the top-left corner. What's going wrong? Using Windows 10 here. Would love to finish this game and because of a bug can't start the Berlin level if not using a save game for it. Thanks a lot!

  10. LankHoar

    @Amine Quali, can you help me out please? 🙂

  11. MAmineOuali

    Hello friend, of course, I will try my best to help you. Which version of the game are you using, I mean is it Steam or pirated version.

  12. LankHoar

    Thank you 🙂 It is a pirated version.

  13. MAmineOuali

    make sure only is YSG is written in the active.txt
    path: :Users\AppDataLocalActivisionCoDWaWplayersprofiles

  14. LankHoar

    I just started it from scratch, removing all files, unzipping the downloaded save game in the right folder (players/profiles), making sure the .txt file only says YSG, but still it is the same. I can see that for offline the YSG profile has been selected, yet I can only start a new game, not select a further mission. Note: I have the game installed in a different directory, so the folder in AppData is not used by the game (although I created the same structure as you suggested). What am I doing wrong? :p

  15. MAmineOuali

    Assuming that you backed up your own profile: copy all files in the save folder from the YSG save game to your own save game "your profile" folder.

  16. LankHoar

    Actually during troubleshooting this I have already removed the original save game/profile (so only YSG is there still). This to make sure that wasn't conflicting with it. Any other tips? Thanks for your time thinking about this, I appreciate it!

  17. MAmineOuali

    remove YSG and start fresh with a new created profile than copy all files in the save folder from the YSG save game to your own save game "your new profile" folder.

  18. Unknown

    how do you switch profiles??

  19. Unknown


  20. Unknown

    my game is not working now help me plz

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