PC – God of War – 100% Save Game

god of war pc save file


  • Platform: PC
  • Game Series: God of War
  • Status: 100% Progression
  • Everything Completed and Unlocked




Extract “game.sav” to God of War PC save file location:

  • Windows (Steam and other versions): %UserProfile%\Saved Games\God of War
  • Linux: ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/1593500/pfx


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  1. Bill bilichik

    Can not download the save file. I get error message Signature is invalid. Please, try again.

    1. Amine Ouali

      Fixed, Enjoy!

  2. dumb

    can i request savefile from mimir blowing the horn?

  3. Ashar

    should i jsut load the latest save, and play from that, or start a new game from one of the new game save?s

  4. Yankee

    If you have a save game after “The Black Rune”, I would appreciate it if you post it. Thanks

  5. Bill bilichik

    How can I enjoy this save game? This save game has a bunch of bin files? The GoW save file is named game.sav. So how do use this save on PC?

    1. Amine Ouali

      Fixed, you can download the “game.sav” right now, enjoy!

  6. bob the builder

    signature is invalid

  7. ImranKhan Pathan

    the both file are different how can i use it?

    1. Amine Ouali

      Link fixed, enjoy!

  8. Amine Ouali

    Fixed, enjoy!

  9. Amine Ouali

    Updated, enjoy!

  10. Amine Ouali

    Fixed, you can download the “game.sav” right now, enjoy!

  11. Gevs007

    Would highly appreciate if you could drop a save only story completed!

  12. Ronit Verma

    Can you post the save just before “A Realm Beyond” I played the game in PS4 but it got stuck there and i dont want to start over in pc so can you please post it? it would be great help.

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