[PC] Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (100% Save Game)

metal gear rising revengeance save file pc

  • Missions: All Completed with S Rank (All Chapters Unlocked)
  1. Main Story
  2. Jetstream (DLC)
  3. Blade Wolf (DLC)
  4. VR Missions
  • Outfits: All Unlocked (Including Grey Fox)
  • Weapons: All Unlocked (Including Both Main & Unique Weapons)
  • Skills: All Unlocked
  • Life & Fuel Cells: All Fully Unlocked (Max)
  • Collections: All Collected
  • Cutscenes: All Unlocked


For Installation, Extract the “MGR.sav” file to Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Save Game Location PC:

  • Windows: %UserProfile%\Documents\MGR\SaveData
  • Linux: Steam-Folder/steamapps/compatdata/235460/pfx
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Metal Gear Rising – Revengeance Steam/p_drive/User/Application Data/MGR/SaveData

Don’t Forget to BACKUP your own SAVE

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