[PC] Sonia Mania (100% Save Game)

sonic mania save data

  • Platform: PC
  • Status: 100%

  • Mania Mode: All Clear ( Using Sonic & Tails, Tails Solo and Knuckles)
  • Extras: All Modes Unlocked (Blue Spheres, Mean Bean...)
  • Other Modes: Both Time Attack and Competition are Unlocked. 

For installation, extract the "SaveData.bin" file to Sonic Mania save data location:

  *STEAM VERSION: <STEAM-FOLDER>\userdata\<USER-ID>\584400\remote

    Generally: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\userdata\<USER-ID>\584400\remote


    Generally: C:\Users\<USER-PROFILE>\Documents\CPY_SAVES\CPY\584400

  *Linux (Proton): <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/584400/pfx

====>(Don't Forget to Backup your own File)<====

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