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Nier: Automata – 100% Save Game – PC

nier automata save file

Download Nier Automata save game with 100% Completion and find the save file location for PC 2024


  • Platform: PC
  • Game Series: NieR
  • Status: 100% Completion
  • Level: Max (99)
  • Chapters: All Done (17/17)
  • Side Quests: (60/60)
  • Inventory: Full of materials and other items
  • Weapons: All Unlocked & Maxed-out (Level 4)
  • Pods: All 3 Unlocked and Fully Upgraded




First BACKUP YOUR OWN SAVE before Editing and Overwriting it.

  • STEAM VERSION & OTHER VERSIONS: Extract the “SlotData_0.dat” file to NieR Automata save Location: %UserProfile%\Documents\My Games\NieR_Automata (You could use the free open source archiver extractor tool 7zip)

Congrats, your almost there, now you need to follow these extra steps:

  1. Download “NierAutoModSave.exe” Script (Github Link HERE – Credits to the creator)
  2. Copy the script to the same save game folder
  3. Run the Script and a window will pop-up
  4. Start the game and wait until it reaches the main menus
  5. Go back to  the software window and press “Enter” on your Keyboard

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  1. I use save nier and I got bug in game then I'm try playing from beginning I'm fight vs robot and big robot not coming pls how to fix I'm reinstall still happen and delete save game to

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