[PC] Batman: Arkham City (100% Save Game)

batman ac save game download

  • Missions:
  1. Main Story: Fully Finished
  2. Side Missions: All Completed
  • Upgrades: 
  1. Batman (WayneTech Upgrades): All Unlocked (27/27)
  2. Catwoman: All Unlocked (6/6) 
  • Collectibles:
  1. Riddler Trophies & Secrets: All Unlocked
  2. Loot: All Retrieved (16/16)
  3. Character Trophies: All Unlocked (67/67)
  4. Concept Arts: All Unlocked (80/80)
  • Harley Quinn Revenge (DLC): 100% Completed
  1. Story: Done
  2. Harley Ballons: 30/30
  • New Game+ (NG+): Available
  • STEAM VERSION: For Installation, Extract the “remote” folder to Batman Arkham City save game location PC:

  • OTHER VERSIONS (OLD VERSION): For Installation, extract the folders mentioned below to:
  1. SaveData” to: C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\WB Games\Batman Arkham City
  2. Xlive” to: C:\Users\AppData\Local\Microsoft
====>(Don’t forget to Backup your own Folders & Files)<====

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  1. Unknown

    yo does this work for cracked game??

  2. MAmineOuali


  3. Unknown

    Hey I don't have Xlive and the game works fine, how do i save the game?

  4. Unknown

    It Says "Corrupt Save"

  5. Unknown

    Bhai save kare ke lia save option kaha se download karoo

  6. Unknown

    it works

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