[PC] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (100% Save Game)

witcher 3 save game file download
  • Platform: PC
  • Status: 100% Completion

  • High Level: Bunch of skill points to spend on your character and the brand new mutations system (Unlocked)
  • Corvo Bianco: Fully upgraded and decorated.
  • Inventory: Full of weapons (Relic & Witcher: Silver & Steel Swords, Crossbows) Including the returning legendary Silver Sword Aerondight (Included in The Blood and Wine Expansion) & Iris Sword (From the Hearts of Stone Expansion) and many more unique swords. Armor sets (Relic, Witcher Gears) Including The Manticore, Ursine Witcher gear sets, and All the new Grandmaster witcher gears are also available plus all the old witcher gears like The Viper (Viper School), Ursine (Bear School), Griffin (Griffin School) and many more unique armors. Crafting materials, alchemy ingredients, glyphs and a lot of dyes with different colors to chose from to give your armor a brand a new look.
  • Gwent Cards Collection: Huge Collection of Gwent Cards including the Skellige deck with all of its new cards Cerys, Hjalmar, Ermion along with all the old cards from the main game including the hero cards Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, Yennefer, Triss Merigold, Avallac’h and all the cards from the first expansion Hearts of Stone including Cow, Olgierd von Everec, Toad…
  • New Game Plus (New Game +) Available


Extract the “gamesaves” folder to Witcher 3 save file Location:

  • Windows (All Versions): %UserProfile%\Documents\The Witcher 3
  • Linux: Steam-Folder/steamapps/compatdata/292030/pfx


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  1. MAmineOuali

    Save Game Updated with the new expanssion pack Hearts of Stone contents
    Find out more here : http://goo.gl/b9pmlo.

  2. Unknown

    have you an perfect ending? and have you failed quest?

  3. MAmineOuali

    Hello there, My choices got me to Ciri becoming a Witcher and Geralt chooses Yennefer but sadly Radovid wins the war.

  4. Joseph F ard Blog owner


  5. MAmineOuali

    Hello, Works for both GOG (Good old Games) and Steam Versions!
    Save Game Location:
    DRIVE:Usersuser_nameDocumentsThe Witcher 3gamesaves
    (Remember to Backup your "gamesaves" folder)

  6. Unknown

    Hi there, Is these a completely finished game? (all quests and side quest done)

  7. MAmineOuali

    Yes, we have it, check it out http://www.yoursavegames.com/2016/07/the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-pc-save.html

  8. Unknown


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  10. Gus Nanda

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  11. Rithik

    ciri room save please

  12. Rithik

    ciri room save please

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