[PC] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (100% Save Game)

the witcher 3 next gen save game files

The Witcher 3 Save Files 100% Completed Progress Updated with Next-Gen Content 2022


  • Character: High Level with Bunch of skill points to spend
  • Corvo Bianco: Fully Upgraded and Decorated.
  • Inventory: All Sorts of Weapons, Armours and Diagrams Including Rare Relics and Witcher Gears from All the Schools
  • Gwent: All Cards from All Factions Unlocked Including All the Special Cards
  • A Lot of Money, Resources and Crafting Materials
  • New Game Plus (NG+) Available


Classic (v1.32): CLICK HERE

Next-Gen Update (v4.00): CLICK HERE


Extract the save files to Witcher 3 save file location:

  • Windows (All Versions): %UserProfile%\Documents\The Witcher 3\gamesaves
  • Linux: ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/292030/pfx


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  1. Unknown

    have you an perfect ending? and have you failed quest?

  2. MAmineOuali

    Hello there, My choices got me to Ciri becoming a Witcher and Geralt chooses Yennefer but sadly Radovid wins the war.

  3. Joseph F ard Blog owner


  4. MAmineOuali

    Hello, Works for both GOG (Good old Games) and Steam Versions!
    Save Game Location:
    DRIVE:Usersuser_nameDocumentsThe Witcher 3gamesaves
    (Remember to Backup your "gamesaves" folder)

  5. Unknown

    Hi there, Is these a completely finished game? (all quests and side quest done)

  6. Unknown


  7. Gus Nanda

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  8. Rithik

    ciri room save please

  9. Fofemii

    Thank you

  10. lew75


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