Smack Down VS Raw 2011 (100% PSP Save Game)

wwe svr11 psp save game

  • Platform: PSP
  • Status: 100%
  • Wrestlers: All Unlocked
  • Attires & Arenas: All Unlocked
  • The Road to Wrestlemania: All Completed

  1. Download the save game files that works with your version (USA or EUR)
  2. Plug your PSP System to your PC via USB
  3. Click on your device storage 
  4. Go to "PSP" folder then choosing the "SAVE DATA" folder
  5. Extract the folder "ULUS105430000" from the downloaded Rar file
  6. If the extracting succeed, unplug your PSP and launch SmackDown VS Raw 2011


  1. thanks this is working wowoww

  2. How about my previous save data...about Caw...i hope its not lose

    1. Hello,
      Please make sure you backup your own save files before adding the new save.

  3. I am not seeing any new wrestler , how can I use help me please

    1. Hello my friend, Hope your fine, It's really simple to install the Save Game just follow these simple steps:
      1) The most improtant thing is to chose the right version
      2) Plug your PSP System to your PSP via a USB Cable
      3) Click on your PSP Stroage
      4) Go "PSP" folder than choose the "SAVE DATA" folder
      5) Extract the folder "ULUS105430000" from the Rar you downloaded to the "SAVE DATA" folder
      6) If the extracting sucessed inplug you PSP and launch Smack Down VS Raw 2011

      *****(Remember to Backup your own Save Game)*****

      Good Luck.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes you get some of the DLC available but unfortunately not all the SvR11 DLCs released for PSP.

  5. It won't work I did what I did for svr10 and this won't work on android why

    1. Hello friend this save game is for the PSP Version of the Game.

  6. This ia working bro thank you so much

  7. Replies
    1. Emulators are generally different and with OpenEmu you need to check where are the save games stored and if it even uses the same save game file format.

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  9. Its not
    fucking downloading