Far Cry 3 (100% PC Save Game)

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer : Ubisoft Montreal 
Type: FPS
Description: Far Cry 3 is an open world action-adventure, FPS (First-person shooter) video game, It is the third main entry in the Far Cry series, developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. You play as Jason Brody a young man at the age of 25 from california that finds him self ina world set on a tropical Asian-Pacific archipelago called the Rook Islands controlled by pirates. The game's protagonist is trying to save his friends in this game by the help of the native people of the island named the Rakyat and to do this he will have to pass by many obstacles.
  • Story: All Complete
  • Outposts: 34/34
  • Weapons: 43/43
  • Skills: Most Unlocked
  • Relics Collected: 120/120
  • Lost letters Collected: 20/20
  • Radio towers: All Activated


1- Extract the files to: C:\ProgramData\Orbit\46
C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft \Ubisoft launcher games\save games\your-id\46 (Uplay Version)
C:\Users\your-username\Documents\My Games\ Far Cry 3
(Depends on the Version your using)
And don't forget a make a Backup files of those your going to replace
2- Launch your game.


  1. Pls thanks for these post.. But it's not working and beside am playing farcry 3 repack.... Its not saving my game, it's annoying and fraudating pls help me

    1. Hello there, I'm really sad to hear that you lost your save progress but don't worry here how you can get it back. Please follow the steps below carefully

      Go to the start menu and search for "Run"
      Execute "Run" and type %programdata%
      Open "orbit" folder and you will find either 46 or 48 folder
      Move the folder you found to desktop (Better to rename it)
      Start the game and play it until you reach the first checkpoint
      Close the game go to the "orbit" folder again just like what you did in the first step
      Open either the folder you've got on the desktop
      Copy the files inside it and past and replace them to the new "orbit" folder
      You got back your save game.

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    2. Thanks bro.. Just developed a greater problem it is annoying tho, it lost its subtitles and sound after dialogue.. Gave uprated my computer to the fullest and I don't know what could have happened. I will be glad if u can help for the last time.. Farcry blackbox repack version.

    3. Just try to do the same steps I asked you to do as they're the only sollution for this complicated problem.

    4. I really wish it did help.. Well have deleted the game. Thanks for ur support. God bless you

  2. hey the same problem here i cant understand when i put the 46 file to desktop and play the game for sometime and new 46 folder comes up i replace the 46 folder with the desktop one.when i open fc3 doesnt show load only new game. plsss help waiting for ur reply,

  3. Hey when i copy the saves to the folder it doesnt work it just shows the old saves i have and it just doesnt work

    1. Hello,
      Before anything make sure to update to the game to the latest version and follow the instructions carefully.

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  5. does't work i have the latest version of game and restarts the game i have just completed little bit but still no 100% progress