Resident Evil 4 (100% PC Save Game)

Resident Evil 4 PC (100% Save Game)

  • Storyline: Completed on all Difficulties
  • Weapons: All unlocked including the Laser Gun P.R.L. 412
  • Characters: All Unlocked & Costumes: All Unlocked
  • Mini-games: All Unlocked

1- Download the save game
2- Before extracting the files go to your game directory 

  a) on the top go to Organise 
  b) Go to view 
  c) Search for Hidden files and folders 
  d) Tick Show hidden files, folders and drives
3- Copy the file there and if your old save game exist make a Backup and replace it.


  1. I HAVE STEAM VERSION can u help me?

    1. Hello there,
      The Steam Version save is located:

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\steam_id\254700\remote

      Your should try to add the Save Game file there and Don't forget to Backup your own Save Game file.

  2. The real save game is a .sav file, not a .dat file, so it doesn't matter what you do - this won't work. It's a save file for the pirated game.

    1. Hello,
      It supports the old version of the game, the version before the steam release, it's not tested with the steam version. We will consider your request and add the steam version of the save in the near future.
      Thank you

  3. I play the game in a PS2 Emulator on Pc will it work?

  4. Can This Version 1.10 Resident Evil 4 (EUR) ???